Friday, November 16, 2012

Preschool Week 10: Thanksgiving

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Thanksgiving maze and coloring page

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Thanksgiving songs
  • Read “Mary’s First Thanksgiving” by Kathy-jo Wargin.

Snack: Grapes and Goldfish Crackers

Wiggle Time: “Gourd Games” (from Pinterest). Wiggle block/dance videos

Lesson: Discuss the first Thanksgiving. Map skills - follow the journey of the Mayflower.

Craft/Activity: Color/Cut Turkey worksheet (from Pinterest)

Wednesday with Naomi

Opening Activity: Use water colors to paint Turkey Dot to Dots and then make Thanksgiving hats

Circle Time:
Snack: Food Turkey made out of PB&J sandwich for body, apple slices for feathers, etc.

Food Image Found HERE

Wiggle Time: Catch the Turkey! Take turns wearing the turkey hat and running from everyone else! Other two wear Indian feathers and pilgrim hat. TAG!

Lesson: Review story of Thanksgiving

Craft/Activity: Make the My Thanksgiving Story Book

Preschool Week 9: Where does FOOD come from?

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Food producers worksheets

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Songs - "On Top of Spaghetti", "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree", "Pat-a-Cake", and "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?"
  • Read “Corn” by Gail Gibbons 

 Snack: Popcorn, apples, peanut butter, string cheese.

Wiggle Time: Exercises for a healthy body - use Wiggle Block - roll the block to see what activity we do.

Lesson: Discuss the food groups and why we need each of them. Play "my healthy plate" - the first person to collect their total healthy foods on their plate wins!

Craft/Activity: "I am thankful for..." pumpkin pie spinner. What are you thankful for?

Wednesday with Naomi

Opening Activity: Match food to its Maker (i.e. cheese, milk, yogurt to the cow. Bacon and pork chops to the pig. Fruits to their trees etc.) Farm or Factory worksheet

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Read- Green Eggs and Ham, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Sing- Can you bake a cake, and Bubba the Blueberry Bear 

Snack: Homemade bread (show them wheat berries, freshly ground wheat, bread dough, and fresh baked bread) Fresh Butter (have the kids shake heavy whipping cream into butter inside of a small jar!) Honey (watch a short video on how bees produce honey.)

Wiggle Time: Dance to Old MacDonald had a Farm on the Wii

Lesson: How food is transported all around the world for us to eat and what it does for our economy.

Craft/Activity: Plant Pumpkin, and wheat grass!

Friday Field Trip

Take kids to a local farm or grocery store to explore  where food comes from first hand!

Preschool Week 8: Halloween!

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Fall scissor skills worksheet.

Circle Time:
Snack: Mandarin Orange Jack-o-Lanterns (Pinterest)

Wiggle Time: Monster Freeze Dance Put on "Monster Mash" and other seasonal tunes. Have kids show off their silliest monster dance moves—(also try having them stagger like zombies, fly on broomsticks like witches, or hop like toads) but they must freeze in place when the tunes turn off!

Lesson: Halloween Around the World! (map skills) - Draw a card from trick-or-treat bucket with a picture of a country, find the country on the map, talk about how they celebrate Halloween.

Craft/Activity: Paper plate Ghosts and Jack-o-lanterns

Wednesday with Naomi

Halloween Trick-or-treat Party!