Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preschool Graduation!

We did it!!! And now we can enjoy the summer before I start round two of preschool with my 3-year-old! Unfortunately, I will not be able to continue teaching with Arielle since her family has moved on to Michigan, to a new house, and a new job. But as luck would have it, another wonderful lady that goes to church with me has agreed to join me for the upcoming school year. Wish us luck!

Preschool Week 35: SUMMER!

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Practice writing b,d,p,q

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Sing songs about summer, 
  • Read books - “July” and “August” 


Wiggle Time: Favorite activities from the year.

Lesson: The 5 senses of summertime

Craft: Watermelon fan and crab picture

Wednesday with Naomi
Last day of Preschool 

Opening Activity: Beginner 1 Books focusing on phonics
  • Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Story and songs about Summer
Snack Time: S’mores!

Wiggle Time: Walk to the park

Lesson: Discuss the 4 seasons, point out differences we see in Summer versus winter, spring, and fall.

Craft: Build Sand Castles!

Preschool Week 34: The Wonders of Water

Monday with Arielle
“Pond Life”

Opening Activity: Adding/subtracting goldfish after reading the number word!

Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Review sight words
  • Songs about ducks, frogs, fish
Snack: crackers, carrots&ranch dressing, bananas

Wiggle Time: Froggy hopscotch and leap-frog - a frog can leap as far as 10 ft in a single jump!! How far can we leap?

Lesson: Pond Life - what kind of animals live in a pond? Why do we need water and these animals? How can we conserve water?

Craft: Make a paper pond and put animal cut-outs in their habitat.

Wednesday with Naomi
"Water and Power"

Opening Activity: Beginner 1 Books focusing on phonics

Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Read- Water Power by Tea Benduhn
  • Sing the Eensy Weensy Spider and other water related songs
Snack Time: Homemade Lemonade and fruit slices

Wiggle Time: Play in a small pool in backyard or blow bubbles out in the yard. Or try this idea from Apartment Therapy:

 Lesson: How does water generate power? Follow THIS link to find out!

Craft: Popsicle stick water wheel.

Preschool Week 33: All About Moms

"Mother's Day"

Opening Activity: Beginner 1 books focusing on phonics.

Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Primary songs about moms:
Mother Dear
Mother I Love You
Dearest Mother, I Love You
  • Book: Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

Snack Time: Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wiggle Time: Nickelodeon Wii Fit Games

Lesson: What is a mother? Discuss how humans aren't the only creatures with mothers. Explain that some people become mothers by giving birth, and others through adoption.

Craft: Hand print Aprons to give out as Mother's Day Gifts!