Friday, November 11, 2011

Outdoor Adventures: Winter Fashion Show by Erin Uda

This week I've been getting a little behind on computer stuff now that I am trying to avoid it during my "work hours". So today I had to convinced my hubby that I could practice self control if he left the computer unlocked, and that I would only use it during nap time! Well, it is now nap time and I have another fantastic post for you from my sister Erin. Enjoy!


Winter Fashion Show

It’s finally starting to get cold outside, and for those of us who can’t wait to start wearing our favorite winter gear, this activity is for you.

This week, host an outdoor winter fashion show using what’s in your closets. Pull out a few pieces of your child’s favorite winter clothing – snow suits, striped tights, boots – and walk the runway outside.

Set up an area in your yard or at the park for the kids to walk up and down and show off their new (and old) winter clothes. Pull out a few props, like a snowboard or sled, or invite your neighbors and friends to make it even more fun. An elevated catwalk (try using the park tables) lets everyone have a good view of the action.

See how many unique winter outfits you can create with what you already have. If you need some fashion inspiration, spend a few minutes with your kids looking at their favorite stores’ websites. How are the pint-sized fashion plates dressed? Or ask yourselves: Where do we like to go and what do we like to do in the winter? Then create activity-appropriate outfits. If you need a little bit of creative direction, try picking outfits for the following categories: winter sports, school day, play time, party wear, pajamas, or holiday.

Consider using an older sibling or parent as the announcer, and another as a photographer. Prepare an introduction for each child and be ready with some witty comments about each outfit while the kids are showing off. And remember the music!

Take a picture of each child’s outfits. Hang them on the inside of their closet door or put them in a book so your child can find her favorite outfit quickly when it’s time to get ready. You could also include a few pictures of hairstyles to choose from, making mornings a little bit easier.

If you’d rather show each piece individually, you could lay the clothes out on the floor to make a collage, or use a site like THIS ONE to make a personalized outfit collage using items found on your favorite store’s website.

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