Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preschool Week 35: SUMMER!

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Practice writing b,d,p,q

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Sing songs about summer, 
  • Read books - “July” and “August” 


Wiggle Time: Favorite activities from the year.

Lesson: The 5 senses of summertime

Craft: Watermelon fan and crab picture

Wednesday with Naomi
Last day of Preschool 

Opening Activity: Beginner 1 Books focusing on phonics
  • Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Story and songs about Summer
Snack Time: S’mores!

Wiggle Time: Walk to the park

Lesson: Discuss the 4 seasons, point out differences we see in Summer versus winter, spring, and fall.

Craft: Build Sand Castles!

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