Monday, February 21, 2011

Organizing Your Week

I find it easiest to think of things to do when I 'm working with a theme. So, for 2011, I assigned a theme for each day of the week:

Sunday-Gospel Learning
Monday-Arts, Crafts, and Music
Tuesday-Math and Science
Wednesday-Discovering the English Language
Thursday-Social Studies
Saturday-Family Time

From there, I created sub-themes that will change each month. For example, in January the Gospel Learning theme is Father Lehi and the Social Studies theme is Discovering Russia. This way your children will have an entire month to focus on a subject and permanently log the information into their memories, but at the same time, things change each month so they don't get bored.

On top of my weekly themes, I also assigned letter themes to each month to help me stay creative with activities. They are as follows:

January- A,B,C
February- D,E
March- F,G
April- H,I
May- J,K
June- L,M
July- N,O
August- P,Q
September- R,S
October- T,U
November- V,W
December- X,Y,Z

Knowing what you are going to do ahead of time is key to actually getting out and doing things, so make sure to plan at least a week in advance, or a month in advance if you are feeling VERY motivated!

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  1. Naomi, you have some great ideas here. I am so excited to start implementing them into my days and get my boys away from the tv. Thanks for doing this and good luck