Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Activity Calendar for March 2011

I wanted to post my calendar for March a little early in case anyone wanted to get their supplies in advance, so, here it is!

You should be able to click on the calendar to enlarge it and then click it one more time for easier viewing.

I'm planning on posting each activity individually as I complete them so you can see how they were done, but a little explanation might still be needed for a few of the things you see on here. For instance, if you do not know who King Mosiah is, he is a historical figure from the Book of Mormon. I am LDS (a Mormon) so I am trying to use my Sundays to teach my children the principles that my church teaches. If you are not LDS than you can use this time to teach your kids about your own religion, or if you are not religious, it would be a great day to teach your children about the nature that surrounds them.

You might also notice that I have the Library on my calendar every other week. That is because the Library is FREE and it has a little area for my kids to play. They get to explore new toys, find new books, and check out FREE movies every time we go, so I am trying to take advantage of my resources.

I also have preschool and the Children's Museum listed on this calendar. That is really just for my own purposes. My 3 year old attends a small preschool every Monday and I don't want to forget to drop her off so I highlighted it on the calendar. The Children's Museum is on there so often because we bought a pass for the Museum last year and March is the last month we can use it. I just want to make sure I am getting my money's worth! Anyway, I hope you find this calendar helpful. Happy planning!

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