Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preschool Week 4: Our Amazing Bodies!

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: Body part matching worksheet and Skeleton puzzle game

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Singing Time: B-O-N-E-S to the Bingo tune.
  • Story: "The Soup Bone"
Snack: raw veggies, tortilla chips, and dip

Wiggle Time: The Skeleton Dance (

Lesson: How do our bones work? Does everything have a skeleton? Check out “Skeleton” Eyewitness Book

Craft: Q-tip skeletons on black construction paper

Wednesday with Naomi

Opening Activity: Sidewalk Chalk outlines of our bodies and then fill them out with fingers, toes, faces, belly button, hair, etc. If there is extra time, try to build bodies with blocks or play with Mr. Potato Head!

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Story: My Body by Scholastic
  • Sing and dance to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes. Review letter songs
Snack: Peanut butter yogurt dip from The Wannabe Chef with healthy fruits (talk about fueling body with healthy things like protein, calcium and vitamins)

Click HERE for image source and recipe!
Wiggle Time: Hokey Pokey, Grand old Duke of York, Little Tom Tinker.

Lesson: Learn about the function of our Heart & Lungs. Watch youtube videos, and fill out worksheets. Make soda bottle lung model.

Craft: Paint our insides on the outside of our shirts!

Friday Field Trip

Spend the day at Whitlock Park to see what things our amazing bodies can do! 

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  1. There are no words for how awesome your preschool is. Seriously. I paid $285 a month for Teya's preschool and they sure as heck didn't do stuff as cool as that! You should make this a business girl, you could charge the big bucks and people would be getting a deal because your curriculum RULES!!