Monday, October 29, 2012

Preschool Week 5: Christopher Columbus

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity:  File folder games, then make a Telescope out of paper towel rolls!

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Songs:  “Row Row Row Your Boat”, “Sailing Sailing”, and “Day-O”.   
  • Counting with the Calendar: count length of voyage-72 days, count how many weeks are in those 72 days, and count how many full months are in those 72 days.
Snack:  “sea” biscuits with jam and mandarin oranges to prevent scurvy!

Wiggle Time:
 “A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea”  -

  • Story – “Let’s Meet Christopher Columbus”    
  • Map Work: Use telescope to help locate Genoa, Italy; Indies; Palos, Spain; San Salvador. (letter recognition on map)  
  • Buoyancy Science Experiment.
Craft: Cut-N-Paste Ship

Wednesday with Naomi

Opening Activity: Build “The New World” with blocks and Legos

Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Story Time: Christopher Columbus Video
  • Singing water songs with the Ukulele (Row, row, row your boat, Give said the little stream, etc.)
Snack: Blue Jello cups with orange slice boats and gold fish

Wiggle Time: Boat races in boxes


Lesson: Make Christopher Columbus Story books recapping what he did

Craft: Paper Mache Earth Globes

Friday Field Trip

Make boats out of recycled material and take them to a local park with a water feature where you can have boat races!

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