Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preschool Week 19: Our Heritage

Monday with Arielle
Theme - Our Heritage! - DENMARK

Opening Activity: Letter/Phonics worksheets. Play with LEGOs (because they’re from Denmark!)

Circle Time:
Snack: Danish Apple Charlotte

Wiggle Time: Dance like a mermaid to “Under the Sea”, stomp like a viking to the theme from “How to Train Your Dragon” (

Lesson: Map Skills - Where did we come from? Look for Denmark on the map. Denmark was the home of author Hans Christian Andersen who wrote many beloved children's stories. We looked at pictures of Denmark's little mermaid statue, LegoLand, and Viking ships.

Craft: Make an “ugly duckling” from a paper plate (Pinterest).

Wednesday with Naomi
Theme - Our Heritage! - HAWAII

Opening Activity: Blending sounds (on dry erase board) and Dry erase Math cards in rotations

Circle Time:
  • Date/Time/Weather
  • Sing songs with the Ukulele
  • Read 2 Hawaiian books about counting in Hawaiian and about Hawaiian language 

Snack: Ask a student to bring a snack that reflects their heritage

Wiggle Time: Dance Puka Pants (a Hawaiian Hula learned earlier in the year)

Lesson: What does Heritage mean? What is my Heritage? What do I love about my heritage?

Craft: Heritage Collages

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