Friday, February 15, 2013

Preschool Week 20: Art in all its Forms

Monday with Arielle

Opening Activity: “Shadow Surprise” Worksheet (Mailbox pack).

Circle Time:
  • Date/Weather/Time
  • Cute song found about groundhog found HERE
Snack: groundhog treat (pinterest)

Wiggle Time: new wiggle block - dance moves!

Lesson: What is Art? Who is an Artist? What can we use to make Art?

Craft: pipe-cleaner sculptures

Wednesday Field Trip 

For our Field Trip, we paid a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago because they offer FREE admission the first and second Wednesday of every month!

 The girls were so excited when we got there and started our tour!

First we spent some time in the Children's portion of the museum...

 They actually had a lot of hands on things for the kids at the museum. They were able to make their own art books, discover art through games on the computer, and even put together puzzles of art pieces in the museum!

When we were done in the Children's Rooms, we headed over to the actual art exhibits...

The museum was AMAZING and I couldn't believe how excited the girls were about the exhibits. We thought for sure they would get bored, but they loved finding iridescent (our new word for the day) art pieces, hidden animals in the art, and beautiful "princesses". They also loved the "genie lamp" and "magical treasures" they spotted everywhere!

I thought this picture was funny because the girls are looking at a statue with multiple arms and their faces show obvious concern :)

We also had lunch at the museum and when we were done with our tour we picked up magnets and postcards from the gift shop before taking one last picture and heading home.
Friday with Naomi 

Opening Activity: Famous art coloring pages (Mona Lisa, starry night, etc.)

Circle Time: 
  • Date/Time/Weather 
  • Focus on music and poetry  (Read Mother Goose)
Snack: Make Fruit Loop necklaces and then eat them with milk

Wiggle Time: Practice different styles of dancing

Lesson: What does it mean to create art?

Craft: Sculpting and painting salt dough

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