Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wow! It's been a while since my fingers have experienced the pleasure of tapping on these little black squares on the keyboard. As you know, I went on a 3 week vacation, which meant no blogging, and for the most part, no internet, email, or phone either! Then, random of all randoms, 2 days after I got back our computer died! Another week later and here I am... finally re-attaching myself to the umbilical cord of my 2nd worst addiction (the first is to food, in case you were wondering.) It feels good to be back in the blogosphere, but now that I've spent a full month being almost completely detached from my electronic addictions, I want things to change.

Being "unplugged" helped me realize that I've been sending the message to my girls that the most important thing to mommy is her computer. Sure! I do lots of fun things with them, but I'm always distracted by blog thoughts! I want my pictures to look good so I force the girls to stop playing to pose for a good shot, I ignore Brooklyn's incessant, yet imaginative ramblings to think about how I want to write up my posts, I neglect to share in the wonder of Lily exploring the world for the first time because my mind is preoccupied with my next blog title! And ALL of that distracts from my opportunity to be a better mom!

The loss of my connection to the internet has forced me to have SO much FUN these last few days! Every morning the girls and I have gotten out of our PJ's and out the door. We've wandered and explored, gotten fresh air and exercise, helped to spread "wishes" (aka dandelion weeds) all over the state of Illinois, filled bag after bag with rocks, sticks, and flowers, we've talked, listened, pondered and drifted, and its been WONDERFUL! My girls are funny, witty, clever, kind little women and I've been missing it!

Where does that leave me? Well, I'm not gonna stop blogging that's for sure :) Its a great way to journal and it keeps me on track. But I will no longer do it during my children's day. From the moment my girls wake up until they lay back down to sleep, I will not blog!

What do I hope to accomplish by this? I hope that I can show my girls that email, facebook, and the internet are NOT the most important things in my life, the girls are! I hope to overcome my addiction to the computer and get it through my thick skull that life can not be lived through the clicking of a mouse! I hope to become more productive, more active, and more conscious of the living people around me. And I hope to find a greater sense of happiness through my decision.

So... expect more fun blog posts coming your way! (But only in the evening, and only when my family doesn't need me more!) Until then, get outside! Get some fresh air, and enjoy the company of your children!

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  1. Amen, word, heck yeah I feel ya sister! That is why it's almost midnight and I'm blogging. I was the exact same flippin' way. Always in "blog mode," and thinking of what I was going to blog next. Blogs are awesome! They are a great way to keep your family history, stay in touch, and connect with other people. But they also can be a major distraction and addiction. I finally made the goal to only blog when the kids were sleeping or at preschool. It's so much better now and you're right, helps you enjoy your day so much more when you can just live in the moment and enjoy everything as it's happening. Love this and love you!