Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Home Evening: Wilford Woodruff on Journals

For this week's family home evening, we will be learning about the prophet Wilford Woodruff. 

Opening Wiggle Song:  Once There Was a Snowman (click on song name for music)

Opening Reverent Song:  My Heavenly Father Love Me (click on song name for music)

Opening Prayer: Given by Daddy

Lesson: Given by Mommy
Lesson Plan:  Today we are going to learn about a prophet of God. A prophet is a living person who helps us to know what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. This is the prophet Wilford Woodruff:
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He taught us that we should write in Journals so that our future children and grandchildren can learn about us, and so we can learn about ourselves by remembering our experiences. Journaling is also very helpful when people are trying to do Genealogy.
Lesson Application:  Today we are going to follow the teachings of the prophet and start our own journals! ( Here are some ideas for journaling that should cover all age groups.)
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 For very young children a journal could be as simple as drawing a picture about their week. All they need is a notebook with unlined paper and some crayons!

(Image Source)
 If your children are just learning how to read and write, you could try a journal jar like THIS one that can be found on Organized Christmas. You simply put prompts into a jar, they pick one out, and write about it!
(Image Source)
 For older children who are getting pretty good at writing, you could do a "Mama & Me" journal like this one from Mama Jenn. It works kind of like a pen pal. You write a letter to your child (perhaps prompting them about things they can write about or asking about their week) and then they write back.
(Image Source)
If you just can't think of things to write about, you can try these "fill in the blank" pages from Grace is Overrated. It is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing!

Closing Song:  Latter-Day Prophets (click on song name for music)

Closing Prayer: Given by Lily

Treats: Prepared by Brooklyn... Hot Cocoa Cookies

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