Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Back!

And where was I? Well, it started out with a pledge to spend less time on the internet... then our computer got a virus that prevented us from opening up ANY programs... and when we finally got rid of the virus, our internet modem died! On top of all that, my almost-2-year-old threw my phone away! YIKES! We've also had visitors in town and have been visiting other people and places :) I've been totally disconnected but very productive. This is what I was doing while I was unplugged:

My husband and I decided to do a homemade Christmas this year, so I spent the better part of November and December gluing, cutting, sanding, sewing, and crocheting! I didn't manage to get pictures of the rainbow bunny and Boba Fett dolls I crocheted, or the Running T-shirt blanket I sewed for my husband and the alphabet bean bag game I made for Lily, but everything else is accounted for.

Anyway, we had a FANTASTIC Christmas full of love and excitement. I hope you all had a great Christmas as well and that you are ready for a fabulous new year! Oh yeah... and you can expect to see me on here a lot more in the coming months:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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