Sunday, June 3, 2012

Epic Fail Week

So, I started out last week with a lot of good intentions... but after our AC broke down and Illinois decided to dish us out some 90 degree weather complete with humidity... I decided to skip the good intentions and go for a good old fashioned crash and burn! Here is how it went: 

Because the temperature in our house never went below 85 degrees the entire week, our family completely abandoned the upstairs (which was 10 degrees hotter than the other floors and happened to contain our bedrooms and main bathroom) and decided to keep to the downstairs for as long as possible. Kevin and I slept in the living room the whole week! We tried not to eat anything that would involve cooking, we watched a butt-load of TV, and we hardly EVER moved.

The girls were banished to the basement during the week (which happened to be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house.) I was afraid they would be scared of sleeping in the laundry room, but they were so exhausted from all the heat that they didn't even care. (And yes, there is chalk all over my walls.)

Anyway, the point is that without the luxury of air conditioning, I am a worthless slug. Thank goodness for Netflix and single-serving-yogurts or else none of us would have survived the week!

It wasn't all bad though. Our awesome friends, the Browns, invited us over one evening to cool off in their pool. It was seriously the best thing that ever happened to me! And, despite my sluggishness, I was able to complete a project during the week.

The previous renters of our home (whom I assume were avid hunters) left this "special" piece of art in the house when they moved. The frame was so huge that I couldn't let it go to waste...

So I painted it, covered the previous "art" with cork and fabric, and hung it on my office wall!

I wanted to put cute little wooden letters on it that said "FAMILY" but didn't' have the funds. So instead I cut letters out of old mat board, painted them, and hot-glued twine to the backs. Then I tacked them to the board along with all the family pictures I've collected over the last few years.

I'm so happy to finally have a great place to hang all the cute pictures of my nieces and nephew that I receive in the mail, and so happy to fill that giant empty spot on the office wall.

As for the AC... well, the landlord knows about it and hopefully it will be fixed before Illinois decides to heat up again. Crossing our fingers!

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  1. WOW! I totally know how you feel omi. Here in Cali we are trying to save on the electricity bill... So we rarely run our AC.... My studio outside gets to 99 degrees inside.... The only way I can bare being in there without dying of heat stroke is that I have a swimming pool ten feet from my door. So I dont wear clothes during the day... just a swim suit... so I can run and jump in the pool and then I hang out in my studio dripping wet... when I dry off and get hot again.... I jump in the pool again..

    Another neat trick I have learned is if you have box fans or any kind of fans to always have a wet cloth with you... wipe your arms face and legs down with the wet cloth and sit in front of the fan... feels like class A air conditioning... ghetto style. ha ha ha

    And of course. I love your little project. I envy how creative you are... You are so resourceful. I love it!