Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imagination Exploration Week

Last week, we decided to take a little adventure with our imaginations. The result was one of my favorite weeks of all time! I've always tried to encourage imagination with my girls, but I usually leave the adventures to them. This time, however, I decided to join in on the fun. Long story short, we had a BLAST together! Here is a little of what we did last week: 

Monday: Puppet Shows

On Monday we pulled out our puppets and practiced a little play that we could do for Daddy when he got home from work. The girls were confused about what to do at first, but once I got down with them and started acting out scenes, they really got into it!

Tuesday: Pirate Treasure Hunt

On Tuesday I put together a little treasure hunt for the girls, complete with a treasure map and some crazy hats. When they got up from their naps, daddy helped them to run, skip, jump, leap frog, stomp, creep, and crawl to the buried treasure...

Which happened to be a bowl full of cookies and marshmallows! Yippee!!!

Wednesday: Tea Party

This was the most fun I've had in FOREVER! With two little girls at home, we have lots of tea parties, but none like this. Daddy joined us as Mr. Butterfly, I was Mrs. Rabbit, Brooklyn was Princess Blueberry, and Lily was Princess Pinky! We sat and talked (with accents) about everything under the sun whilst enjoying cookies and Kool-Aid. The girls were so creative and were just eating up the attention from me and Kevin. When we were finished, the girls kept telling me how much they love Mrs. Rabbit and they hope she comes back to play again. It made me feel really good :)

Thursday: Story Telling with Pictures

On Thursday I had the girls draw pictures and then make up a story to go along with it. There was no end to their imaginations (especially Brooklyn's) as they told me about adventures at the zoo, Pegasus princesses who were being chased by bad guys, and poor little ear people that looked like mushrooms so everyone kept trying to eat them!

Friday: Mom's Day
For my "day off" I decided to put together some picture frames. I paid $3 for each and they came unpainted and were made of pine. I painted them black, mod-podged on some fun paper, cut some plexiglass to put inside, and printed some pictures from my computer. It only cost me $10 for the pair and I LOVE the way they turned out!

I also used the time to finish off my kitchen command center. First I painted two old frames I had. One has my engagement announcement in it and is being used as the top piece of my calendar. The other is being used as a chore chart for my family. I made the little menu board earlier at a church craft group. The little green frames with pictures of my family eating in them use to be little white coasters. I painted them, put black and white pictures of each of us eating something yummy in them, and then strung them together with twine. I think the whole thing turned out great!


  1. naomi you and kevin are such good parents and I love how fun and involved you guys are in your little girls' lives. It is so awesome to see and read all about your fun adventures!

  2. once again, you're my inspiration! that is so great. I love your mom-day crafts too :)