Saturday, September 17, 2011

The "C" Date

Yesterday was mine and Kevin's "C" date. Kevin was in charge and he did a great job! Once again, we couldn't get a babysitter, but it worked out just fine. We put on a DVD full of White Collar episodes while we Cooked a Cheesy Chip Creation, (aka 7 layer chip dip) and some Cinnamon Carrot Cup Cakes with Cream Cheese frosting!

Kevin also had plans to make dessert Crepes but we were way to stuffed to make more food. Anyway, it was a fun, tasty, and relaxing night, and it was a BLAST to create something yummy and new with my handsome hubby! What "C" ideas did you come up with? We're always happy to hear new ideas :)


  1. Could you get any more Creative? LOL I love it.

  2. These are the cutest ideas ever!!! Also, how did you create that picture above? Is it a program? And I love White Collar! I've seen Matthew Bomer on the street here and I about DIED. I'm not even joking. I also saw the guy that plays Peter at the gym. :) Anyway, I love that show!

  3. Malia, I use Picasa. You can download it for free online and it will store, organize, and edit your pictures. I just made a collage using the White Collar picture for the background. Very simple!

    And that's AWESOME that you saw Mathew Bomer and Peter! I would have totally freaked out! :)