Friday, September 9, 2011

ABC Dating

As our family has expanded, Kevin and I have found it more and more difficult to date each other. After all, our lives are much different from when we first started dating. For starters, we're usually too tired to get dressed-up and leave the house, and we generally don't want to stay up late because we know the girls will wake up at 6:00 AM no matter how much sleep WE got. Aside from that, babysitters get more expensive the more kids you have, and arranging swaps with other couples is difficult because other families with kids are also busy and tired.

That's where ABC Dating comes in. After many discussions of cost, time, etc. we decided to give this idea a try. Basically, each date night you take a letter of the alphabet and base all your activities off it. The dates are supposed to be creative and inexpensive and you and your partner should take turns every other date night with being in charge. Oh! and you're supposed to try to surprise your partner with the activities you choose.

Last date night Kevin was in charge and he started us out with the letter A. As usual, we couldn't get a babysitter but it was OK. When Kevin got home from work, we packed up the girls, drove to a beautiful park, and Ate Apples and Apricots while we drew Artistic pictures of things that started with A. (In the meantime, the girls were playing on the playground equipment which ALMOST made it feel like we were Alone!) I drew the Delicate Arch, an Airplane, and an AWESOME flower Arrangement. Kevin stuck with being an original Artist and drew a picture of himself throwing the kids around, one of the playground slide, and one of the park landscape. (I think he kind of cheated.)

Anyway, when we got home we put the girls to bed and then watched a movie that started with the letter A. I didn't get pictures of anything because our camera died right when we got in the car, but I promise it was a fun and beautiful time!

On the docket for tonight: Breakfast for dinner, shopping at the "Going Out of Business" sale at Borders Bookstore, and then home for Back rubs and a few rounds of Boggle!

So, if you're struggling with what to do on date night too, give this a try! And once you do, PLEASE share your ideas with us in the comment section. We need all the help we can get :)

(Update: For more dating ABC ideas, check out the "Dating ABC's" Tab at the top of this page! Or click on one of the following links: C date, D date, E date, F date, G date, H date, I date, J date, K date, L date, M date, N date, O date, P date, Q date, R date, S date, T date, U date, V date, W date, X date, Y date, Z date.)

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