Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is in the Air!!!

(Subway art can be found HERE at Blooming Homestead)

Today's high was a crisp 57 degrees in Chicago. I wore a hoodie all day long, including on my 2 mile run outside! And because Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, I couldn't resist  putting up some of my autumn inspired decor.

In fact, I even went the extra mile and whipped up a little wall art just for the heck of it. The frames were from the Dollar Store (years ago) and have been used for all my random holiday pages. I just switched out the old for the new. The leaves were from last fall. I simply removed them from the pages of A Mid Summer Night's Dream and glued them to some paper. The rest was just cutting, ripping, pasting and layering different pieces of scrapbook paper to each other. I finished them off with a little button and some raffia and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Another fun thing I got to do yesterday was this fabric heart craft. I decided to join my husband at our church building last night while he was helping some young men practice their skit, and was invited by my friends Jacquie and Missy to participate in the craft they were doing with a group of young women. I know my painting skills leave something to be desired, but it was still fun, easy, and has an easy to reuse concept. All we did was paint an 8"x  8" board, nail horseshoe nails into it in the shape of a heart, paint the word "love" in the middle, and then tie a 1"x 5" strip of fabric to each nail.

Anyway, I just thought I would share these super cheap and easy ideas in case any of you want to bring a little Fall into your homes :) Happy crafting!

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  1. So jealous of your cool crisp weather! We've still been up in the 80's and high 70's which is great for all the people who have AC and don't run, not so great for me!! This morning I ran at 7am and it was still hot and muggy. Lame sauce! I thought New England was supposed to be cooler than that. Anyway, sorry for the tangent but I'm just seriously so jealous that you ran in a hoodie. I was sweating it out in my tank top. Applefest better not be hot again or I will smack somebody! Anyway, cute crafts! I need to start busting out my Fall decor, maybe if I do it will bring me some crisp weather!