Thursday, September 20, 2012

How we set up our Preschool

As I mentioned before, after our old preschool teacher moved, we realized we couldn't really afford to put out daughter in school anywhere else. That epiphany made me also realized I would have to do preschool by myself, and thus, would have to consider my personality and how it would play into my daughter's education.

After a bit of reflection, I  came to the conclusion that I would NOT be able to keep myself motivated to teach on a structured schedule without at least one other student and another mom to remind me of my responsibilities. So I asked my good friend Arielle if she wanted to co-teach our daughters with me. She was more than happy to join the effort and before long we had a working plan. This is what we decided:
  • We would have weekly themes to base our lessons on.
  • Preschool would be 3 hours long
  • Arielle would teach Mondays and I would teach Wednesdays
  • The daily structure of preschool would be the same at both our houses to maintain continuity and establish firm rules
  • On Fridays we would get together and invite other moms on a field trip based on the weekly theme
This is how we structured our days:

We also printed off a schedule for the kids to look at during preschool. We found that if they didn't know what was coming next, they would keep asking when playtime was for the rest of the day. So we made them their own schedule where they could check off each activity as we finished.

We have only been teaching for two weeks, but so far everything is working out great. I will be posting our lesson plans at the end of each week if you are interested in trying preschool on your own. I figure if we've already done all the work to organize it, we might as well share! :)

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