Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preschool Week 1: Music and Dance

Monday with Arielle-
  • Opening Activity: Cutting activity with music notes and file folder puzzles with letters and numbers.
  • Circle Time: 
  1. Date/Time/Weather
  2. Story "Ah, Music" by Aliki 
  3. Singing time with shakers (Easter eggs with beans inside)
  • Snack: Applesauce, graham crackers, yogurt, water
  • Wiggle Time: Learn dance moves to different styles of music.
  • Lesson: Discuss types of instruments and how they are played (string, wind, percussion) and how they sound. Sort instruments into groups.
  • Craft: Make a drum out of old containers and practice tapping our rhythms.
Wednesday with Naomi-
  • Opening Activity: Legos with sight words written on them built into word towers and a cutting activity. (The girls had a blast with the Legos but were not very keen on building with the sight words. They will need more practice with their sight words before we can try something like this again. Also, we picked up our preschool cutting books from the dollar store and the dollar spot at Target.)
  • Circle Time: 
  1. Date/Time/Weather
  2. Story "How Can You Dance?" by Rick Walton and Ana Lopez-Escriva
  3. Singing Time with Pipe Chimes
Click on the words "Pipe Chimes" above for a tutorial on making the pipes. It cost me $10 for the pipe cutter (I bought a copper pipe cutter for $20 cheaper than a steal pipe cutter) and $4 for the pipes. I had the board, white paint, hooks, twine, and drill on hand and my husband put the music notes on with a Sharpie.

  • Snack: Oreo cookies and chocolate frosting made into music notes, and milk.

  • Wiggle Time: Learn the Hula dance "Puka Pants" with the accompaniment of the ukulele, and then play "Just Dance" on the Nintendo Wii.

  • Lesson: Music can be made anywhere! Explore the house and see what items can be made into musical instruments. (Their favorite instruments were clappers made from flip flops, harmonicas made from saran wrap and combs, and drums made from pots and forks!)
  • Craft: Bean Shaker Maracas

Friday Field Trip-

Go to a local high school and watch the marching band practice. Talk about all the different rhythms and instruments.


  1. I used my mom's old pipe chimes when I was primary music leader. I bought door hinge pins to used to hit them (especially when having 8 or so kids do it at the same time in Primary). They worked really well!