Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preschool Week 2: Fun with Fall

Monday with Arielle-

  • Opening Activity: Color a tree trunk. Cut out leaves. Drop handful of paper leaves on paper; write down total number that land on the tree and how many of each color. 
  • Circle Time: 
  1. Date/Time/Weather
  2. Story – “The Busy Little Squirrel”
  3. Songs about Fall.
  • Snack: Food we get from trees (nuts, apples, bananas, etc.)
  • Wiggle Time: I’m a Squirrel (pretend you are an animal getting ready for winter, gather food and bedding) I’m a Leaf (pretend to be a seed, tree, leaf, then fall from the tree)
  • Lesson: The Four Seasons. Show pictures of a tree. Talk about the leaves on the tree for each season. Explain difference between deciduous and coniferous plants. Eating Leaves. Discuss foods that we eat that are leaves - lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, cilantro, basil, oregano, parsley, mint, bay leaf! Smell different herbs. 
  • Craft: Leaf People - Have the children glue a leaf on a piece of paper and draw legs and arms then add googly eyes

Wednesday with Naomi-

  • Opening Activity: Start color changing leaf science project found HERE. Bead pipe cleaners by color (i.e. red beads go on red pipe cleaner, yellow beads on yellow pipe cleaner, orange beads on orange pipe cleaner.) 
  • Circle Time: 
  1. Date/Time/Weather
  2. Story “The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree”.
  3. Song names written on a leaf. Pick one leaf at a time and sing the song that is on it.
  • Snack: My little apple tree seasons snack (found HERE via Pinterest) 

  • Wiggle Time: Nature walk to find signs of Fall (Bring a nature bag) 
  • Lesson: Why do leaves change color. (Information found HERE) Don't forget to check on science experiment!
  • Craft: Take a branch from the nature walk, glue it on canvas, use buttons for fall leaves! 

Friday Field Trip-

Take a Hike through Lyman Woods with any friends who would like to join you and make sure you look for signs of fall.


  1. Dude!! I really really really want to be a part of this preschool!!! (brainstorming on how I can make it happen...) These lesson plans and activities are so darling. You guys are doing an amazing job! Especially love that apple tree season snack, so so cute!