Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Create your OWN Spring!

If you are desperately craving a scene like this to appear out your window...

But are still looking out at the world and seeing this...

Then it's time for you to create your OWN Spring!

About a week ago, Brooklyn, Lily and I decided we'd had enough of the cold wind and sporadic snow, so we turned our living room into a warm, spring-time environment!

Because my girls LOVE butterflies, we started there. I cut out these using felt, scrapbook paper, thread, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

In the meantime, I kept Brooklyn's hands busy making this butterfly frame. She was able to do it almost entirely on her own and LOVED feeling like she was a part of everything.

Then, this last weekend during General Conference, we decided to take it a little further. On day one I made this Mod Podge frame with some subway art I printed off from eighteen25.

That same day, Brooklyn and I made a bright felt sun and some sparkly felt rain clouds to hang in our window:

It turned out beautiful and ended up making me feel as happy as it made my children!

On day two of General Conference, we decided to jazz up the window a little more by painting it in the same manner as Amy Thompson from the Progressive Pioneer. My sister-in-law sent me the link and I LOVE how fun and easy it was and how cute it looks!

Now whenever its too cold to go outside, or when its rainy and gloomy, I just look at my beautiful homemade Spring and smile. My girls think its wonderful too and are VERY proud of their handiwork. So if the lingering winter has got you down, take charge of the situation and create your OWN Spring!

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  1. All the crafts are adorable but the sun and the clouds thing is my favorite! It makes me feel bright and happy too and it's not even in my house : ) Brooklyn looks so happy and adorable in all those pics. You can tell she's having a blast. And I mean, what kid wouldn't be having a blast doing all those crafts? I need to send my kids over to your house for a day, you'd be there favorite person in the world if you did stuff like that with them ; )