Friday, April 15, 2011

Poor Chip and Dale!

After watching an episode of Franklin on TV, Brooklyn decided that she wanted me to buy her a pet goldfish. I want my kids to have pets, but a big part of me just isn't ready to take on another responsibility (because we all know who will be feeding that fish and cleaning out his bowl.)

Anyway, as I was thinking it over, I was reminded of my own goldfish when I was a little girl. My older sister and I had been begging for a pet as well and were finally rewarded with two goldfish whom we lovingly named Chip and Dale. We adored our little guys and were so excited to share our magical little lives with them.

Not too long after bringing them home, my sister and I decided to show our fish how fun life could really be with us, so...we dressed Chip and Dale up in new, super-spiffy toilet paper outfits, sat them in our big brothers toy truck, and drove them around for hours. They took some cool road trips, chatted it up with our barbies, had a nice lunch, and then, when my sister and I got bored, we left them to talk amongst themselves.

Obviously, we weren't quite ready to take on the responsibility of having pets (as my poor mother discovered when she went to pick up our toys), but at least Chip and Dale left this world in their best clothes, knowing that they were loved!

Needless to say, after this memory flashed through my mind, I decided that my beautiful, sweet daughter, who is even more imaginative than I, is not quite ready to be a pet owner. Maybe for her 4th birthday...we shall see! :)


  1. haha what a funny story. Poor fish! Pets have been on my mind the past couple of weeks. Makenzie really wants one, and I don't want to rob her of the pet experience, but I don't know what to get her. Justin is somewhat allergic to cats, we're not ready for a dog, Kenz wanted a bunny but I think they're too big, then she wanted a hamster, and I was totally on board until I read that hamsters make terrible pets for young kids since they bite a lot and are up at night making noise... I thought about fish but they seem more like decorations than pets.. so now I'm totally lost!

  2. hahaha.. That is hilarious but yes, Chip and Dale left in style.. I fear the day when my kids will ask for a pet.. What a friend of mine did with her 4 girls was to teach them responsibility.. Start off with something small like a caterpillar and have them take care of that or a plant.. Once they have learned to take care of one thing and not let it die then you move on to something else. Eventually it gets bigger and bigger like a dog. The key is, they have to take care of it and they have to be responsible for it. Anyway, thought I add my 2 cents..