Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Friday: American Legion Veterans Luau

Today for our "Good Friday" good deed, our entire family went to perform for the American Legion Veterans of War! (We were so busy dancing that I wasn't able to get any pictures until we got home and I shot this one of the girls, but to me that is a good sign that we were having fun.)

The show was done by the Polynesian dance group that I perform with called Halau Hula O Puanani. Kevin and I and a few of the other girls in the halau performed a 45 minute show for the Veterans while they ate dinner and waited for a special appearance from ELVIS! ... and from what we could tell, they all had a BLAST!

Brooklyn and Lily helped me all day to get costumes together and pack things up for the luau, and then they helped to carry things into the building and set up our dressing room... and aside from that, they both behaved like perfect angels while Mommy and Daddy were running in and out of the dressing room between numbers.

The luau was a great experience for Kevin and I, as well as the girls, and I was so glad that they could do something good and fun, and learn about their culture at the same time. Anyway, hope you all had a good Friday too!

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