Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monster Madness!

When I was out in Utah with my family, my little sister Sarah and I decided to give these little crochet monsters that I found on THIS website a try. Ours didn't turn out as well, but they still turned out really cute and weren't that hard to make. We couldn't find any safety eyes where we went shopping, so we just used felt and a hot glue gun. The eyes won't last as long with little kids around, but they will work for now!

So what would a person do with such silly little monsters? We started out by doing some monster attacks with our kids and all their cousins. Basically all we did was had a snow ball fight with stuffed monsters. The kids thought it was pretty fun but I eventually had to call it quits when they all started to gang up on me... Who knew little kids could retaliate so well?! :)

My mom's dog also loved the little guys. He thought they were his new fetch toys! Not a bad idea, but I would make sure all your parts were sewed on super good to avoid choking (for kids or dogs!)

I also thought you could use the monsters for a fun little bean bag toss game, or you could reuse an old milk carton like I saw HERE to play a fun game of catch.

Whatever you decide to do with them, they are super easy to make and the kids really seem to like them. So good luck and happy crafting!

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