Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wings to Fly!

A while back I was cruising around on Pinterest when I spotted THESE wings. I pinned them in hopes that one day I would have the motivation to make them for my cute little girls. Well, that day came sooner than I thought!

For the last month or so Brooklyn has been BEGGING me for wings that could fly. I told her I couldn't make her something that she could fly with, but I COULD make her something she could flap with. She seemed to think that was a pretty good idea, so I dragged up THIS TUTORIAL and started to sew!

Cutting was the hardest part, but after that it was a breeze. Also, I used some leftover fabric from our ward luau so it didn't cost me a thing!

Once they were all finished, we tied them on and took them outside for a test flight! And let me tell you, the sore neck and shoulders I earned at my sewing machine today were completely healed by the sight of my 3 year old running through the field, flapping her wings, laughing out loud, and smiling with joy!

One of the things Brooklyn was most pleased by was the fact that her wings didn't hinder any of her motions. She was even able to play a little basketball with Lily in them!

Anyway, I still have to make some for Lily, but it was a fun project and TOTALLY worth the smile on my daughter's face!


  1. How freaking adorable are those pictures? Pure joy on her little face! Such a cute project, now if only I had a sewing machine and could sew... ; )

  2. Last photo of Brooke is awesome cause she's totally making a Naomi face!

  3. That is so cute! Jarom keeps telling me he can fly lately. Brings back memories of when I was about his age and put on my Minnie Mouse swimsuit, tied a pillowcase around my neck (cape), and jumped off the top of a bookshelf. I was devastated that I couldn't fly. :)
    This could be cute for a little boy too if you did dragon colors... maybe black & green? Anyway, totally cute, you are a nice mommy!

  4. This turned out so CUTE!!! Way to be crafty.

  5. That is adorable!!! Good job, they turned out perfect!