Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 100 Workout

Lately I've been getting a little bored of running and going to the gym, and I can't find the motivation to put on another workout video. But the other day I stumbled on the 100 workout while I was messing around on Pinterest (I know, I'm an addict!). I've seen different variations, but the trick is to adjust it to how you are feeling and what your body needs and basically, just count down from 100. Here is how it works:

The 100 Workout

100 Jumping Jacks
90 Leg Lifts
(Lift leg up to the side instead of straight up. 15 times with the right leg, 15 times with the left leg.)

(15 on right side, 15 on Left side)
(15 with right leg, 15 with left leg... Brooklyn's form isn't right because she is 3, but you should have your hands directly under your shoulders, your knees directly under your hips, and your back straight. Then just push your heel straight up toward the ceiling 15 times.)

80 Crunches
(20 Standard Crunches at the beginning and 20 more at the end)
(20 Right Oblique Crunches, and then 20 Left Oblique Crunches are done between your 2 sets of Standard Crunches)
70 Squats
(Alternating by tens, do 10 stationary squats, then 10 squat and jumps - squat down, then jump back up to standing position. Repeat until you've done 70)

60 walking lunges or 60 Pushups
(You decide what you want more for your body... I do lunges because I can barely do 3 pushups in a row! You could also alternate between the two doing 10 reps of each before switching.)

50 more Jumping Jacks

40 more Leg Lifts
(Pick the two leg lifts you like the most and do ten of each on each leg)

30 more Crunches
(10 Standard Crunches, 10 Right Oblique Crunches, 10 Left Oblique Crunches... Or if you're feeling really brave, just do 30 bicycle crunches!)

20 more squats
(Alternating 1 stationary, 1 jumping, until you've done 20)

10 minutes of Running
(This can be done outside, on an elliptical, or a treadmill. Just make sure you finish off strong with some good cardio for your heart and lungs!)

Anyway, it is a pretty tough workout, but it will help get you to where you want to be. 
Just remember:

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  1. haha "Brooklyn's form isn't right because she's 3" so funny. But seriously, could she be any cuter?? Man! She has such a doll face.
    I like this idea. I've been running lately for an upcoming race but have been terrible about cross training. This looks very doable!