Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Designer Knife Block

So the other day I saw THIS on Pinterest and it got me thinking...

In my kitchen, the refrigerator is black and silver, the microwave and stove are black and silver, and our toaster, utensil holder, magic bullet, juicer, KitchenAid, and spice rack are all black and silver. So why not paint my knife block BLACK and SILVER!

Here is what my dirty knife block looked like sitting on my dirty cutting board (because I'm awesome like that) BEFORE I painted it. (If you're wondering where all the knives are, they are dirty...and consequently, in the dishwasher.)

As soon as Lily went down for her nap, Brooklyn and I got to work sanding the block. (There was a lot of old dried up food we had to scrape off before painting...gross I know, but it happens!)

When we were done sanding, we wiped the block down and then took it outside to spray paint it black. The spray paint didn't cost me anything because we had some laying around from one of Kevin's past projects. I love it when that happens :)

Once the spray paint was dry, we brought the block back inside, put on the movie A Wrinkle in Time, grabbed some grapes for snacking, and started painting leaves on the block using $1.99 stencils that we bought at Joann's, a stippling brush, and silver paint that also cost $1.99.

When the leaves were finally dry, we finished off the block with a coat of Mod Podge for shine and protection. You can also use Polyurethane, but Mod Podge is easier, smells better, and at my house, its always readily available!

Anyway, this is what we ended up with AFTER all our hard work, and I LOVE it! In fact, when Kevin saw it he liked it so much that he suggested we buy some new shiny knives to put in it... YAY! But whether that happens or not, my old knives look a whole lot better sitting in my designer knife block and I had a blast doing this project with my sweet little Brooklyn!

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  1. Wow! That is awesome Naomi! I love the design. I hope i never hear you say you don't have any talents because you are loaded with them girl. Hugs and loves!