Saturday, October 8, 2011

The "E" Date

For our "E" date last night, Kevin took me to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Runners Expo! We were able to have our good friends babysit the girls for the night which made driving into the city a lot Easier. In fact, my favorite part of the date was the drive there. It is incredible to be able to have an Entire conversation with your husband uninterrupted!

When we got to the Expo there was so much Excitement in the air. All the runners were nervously picking up their packets before strolling through the vendor rows. Kevin set an Eleven dollar limit for Each of us to buy something we really wanted. I got a stack of running socks and he stocked up on Energy bars!

Soon the Expo closed, so we hopped back in the car, picked up the girls, went home, and then Kevin used Eggs to make us some One Eyed Jacks for dinner. It was a fun and relaxing night and it was AMAZING to be Engaged in conversation with my sweet heart for three blissfully uninterrupted hours!

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  1. Best date idea EVER!! We definitely gotta get Kev pumped up about the marathon, his time is coming. He's HUNGRY! It's been two years, I think it's time to unleash the beast again!

    Also you look freaking HAWT in that pic of you guys! you MUST make it your new Facebook profile pic. Smokin!