Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Week

Last week we decided to celebrate art in all its forms (or at least as many forms as we could cover in four days!) I only had the budget to work with what I had in my own home, but if you have a little extra cash to spare and want to try this out yourself, I would suggest getting your children out to museums, art shows, concerts, and dance recitals. But alas, here is a little of what we managed to do:

Monday: Dancing 

On Monday I set up the Wii and me and the girls played Just Dance for an hour! It was exhausting, hilarious, and tons of fun!

Tuesday: Music

On Tuesday I busted out the ukulele and maracas and me and the girls went to town playing and singing songs. I love the picture of Lily on the left shakin' it like nobody's business! So funny!

Wednesday: Painting

 On Wednesday I brought out the paints and let the girls brush and stamp to their little hearts' content.

Most of the paint ended up on Lily's hands and face but she had a blast putting it there! Brooklyn was much more meticulous then her younger sister and made sure to carefully wipe up every misplaced smudge. Its so funny how very different they are. :)

Thursday: Sculpting

On Thursday we practiced our sculpting skills. Brooklyn started recreating Stonehenge while Lily stacked the clay blocks. Eventually I had to sculpt her a little kitty to get her to understand the concept, and before I knew it, both girls had little clay kitties and had turned "sculpting time" into make believe time.

Friday: Mom's Day

On Friday I decided to finish off our upstairs bathroom. When me moved in, it was not only filthy, but it had a very "special" hunting shower curtain that the previous renters left behind as well as a remarkably yellow tub/toilet/sink combo.

Anyway, when I first moved in my only goals were to get rid of the nasty curtain and find a way to hide the mustard color. I tried a lot of different contrasting and complementary colors but nothing looked right. So finally I decided to celebrate the yellow with more bright colors. I found the shower curtain, rug, hand towel, and towels at Target and purchased them (with the help of my awesome mother-in-law). Then I found some old frames hiding in our storage, painted them, and then created some art in Photoshop to round the whole thing out. The entire bathroom makeover cost me a total of $20 dollars out of pocket and I think it turned out pretty cute!


  1. Oh, I love the transformation. I had to look back and see what you were talking about when you said mustard. I thought it was the walls. I love the colors together and how it seems so pulled together. GREAT JOB!!

    I love your art week idea. May have to incorporate that into the summer ideas.

  2. Cutest. Video. Ever. Fun to watch both of them! So interesting to see how distinct their little personalities are developing (it's been too long!) and the difference in coordination. Brooklyn will have to teach our kids some moves!

  3. Love your new bathroom!! All the color totally makes the yellow look on purpose. Good work.

  4. awesome bathroom! I love how it turned out! looks like you girls had a fun week. You're my mommy-magic hero!! :)

  5. You are so creative! Way to go on both the Mommy Day and Activity Week ideas. So simple, and yet just the perfect amount of awesome. ;)

    Can't wait to see you soon!