Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun with Friends Week

This week came as a bit of a surprise for me. I had planned a different theme, but after several invites from several AMAZING families to come and play, I decided to let go of the "plan" and find joy in the company of good friends! And because we had so many invitations, I had to switch my "mom day" to Monday so I would actually have time to get things done. Another consequence of all the excitement is a SERIOUS lack of pictures. In fact, I didn't even manage to take any until the week was at an end. But anyway, here is what we did last week:

MONDAY: Mom's Day

Lots and lots of cleaning for me, and lots and lots of TV for my girls!

TUESDAY: Lunch with Rachel

On Tuesday, me and the girls took my good friend Rachel out for her birthday. We went to Pei Wei's and had a blast trying out new food and catching up with each other. The girls especially enjoyed the fortune cookies!

WEDNESDAY: Play date at the Booth's

On Wednesday I brought the girls over to my friend Tiffany's house. Tiffany has two girls about the same age as mine. We let them all loose to play and enjoyed a few wonderful hours of adult conversations while the kiddos let their imaginations run wild!

THURSDAY: Book of Mormon Book club

Last September I set up a Book of Mormon Book club with several of my friends (like a Bible study group). We meet every Thursday at our church to discuss what we studied during the week while our kids run around the nursery room and play. But on this particular occasion, we were lucky enough to go to Nicole's house (one of our awesome members) to have a brunch during our discussion. We all had a WONDERFUL time together and the kids had a blast too. After all, who can resist a room full of "new" toys!

FRIDAY: Sushi and the Motion Explosion

On Friday I went to my friend Stephanie's house, where we had a fantastic sushi lunch while our kids ate macaroni and cheese. We also enjoyed hours of adult conversation while our children played happily in the next room. As the day wore on we were having so much fun we decided to make brownies and then go to the Woodridge Motion Explosion. The kids got to ride a train, drive a bus, hang out in the back of a police car, pet a team of sled dogs, and slide down a giant bouncy slide. It was the perfect ending to an incredible week filled with friends and fun! Can't wait to see what next week will bring!

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