Monday, May 14, 2012

Magnificent Mommies Week!

In preparation for Mother's Day, me and the girls spent all last week learning about different kinds of moms! Here is a little of what we did:

Monday: Mammal Mommies

On Monday we learned about Mammal Mommies. This involved sitting at the computer, learning about mammals, watching a LIVE birth, and coloring pictures of mammal moms. The girls LOVED it and were surprisingly more mature than I was when we watched the baby be born :)

Tuesday: Marsupial Mommies

On Tuesday we learned about marsupial moms, made a Kangaroo mom and baby (complete with toilet paper roll pouches), and had pouch races! The pouch races were hilarious! I just tied a bandana around both the girls' waists, let them pick a stuffed animal to stuff inside, and then we did hopping races and running races whilst trying to keep our "babies" safe in their pouches!

Wednesday: Mommies that lay eggs

On Wednesday we did the Naked Egg Experiment and learned all about how eggs work and what kinds of animals lay eggs. The girls were fascinated by the eggs and REALLY enjoyed busting them open!

Thursday: Bird Mommies

On Thursday we learned about bird moms and then we made a bird house to put outside our dining room window. The bird house turned out pretty crooked with all the extra "help" we got from the girls, but they LOVED it and are very proud of all their hard work.

Friday: Mom's Day

On Friday I began a whole weekend of being spoiled for Mother's Day! I was fed many fantastic meals, got to spend the night with one of my girl friends while Kevin took Brooklyn camping, received many fantastic gifts, and had an incredible time hanging out with my wonderful husband and cute little girlies! Can't wait for more fun to come!

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