Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Home Evening: Brigham Young on Thrift

For this week's Family Home Evening, we will be learning about the Prophet Brigham Young!

Opening Wiggle Song: Hinges (click on song name for music)

Opening Reverent Song: I am a Child of God (click on song name for music)

Opening Prayer: Given by Daddy

Lesson: Given by Mommy

Lesson Plan: Today we are going to learn about a prophet of God. A prophet is a living person who helps us to know what Heavenly Father wants us to do. This is the Prophet Brigham Young:

Brigham Young was the second Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He taught us to be thrifty and self reliant and said “Instead of searching after what the Lord is going to do for us, let us inquire what we can do for ourselves.”

Being thrifty is when we make good decisions with our money and other belongings so we don't waste and so we can save up for more important things.
Lesson Application: Today we are going to practice being thrifty by going to a THRIFT STORE and picking something out that we need, or that we can make into something we need/want, for a cheaper price! Everyone can have a certain amount of money to spend, such as $2-$5, and can pick out their own item.

You can get anything really, like a new toy, pot, or book. Or you can buy something like an over sized sweater and turn it into a SKIRT just like Rachel Hutton did on the website Ready Made.

You can even decide to combine your money to buy something like a night stand that you can turn into a PLAY KITCHEN just like Toni did on her blog Design and Dazzle!

(The actual shopping and project making can be done on separate days so you don't get overwhelmed.)

When you are all done with your activity, end with a closing song and prayer.

Closing Song: The Family (click on song name for music)

Closing Prayer: Given by Brooklyn

Treats: Prepared by Lily (and Mommy)... Chewy Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies!

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