Friday, June 24, 2011

Just some thoughts in rhyme...

Great Expectations

By Naomi Hanks

Before they came into my life

I thought I’d be the perfect wife

Clean and neat and organized

Social, fun, full of surprise.

And motherhood would be a cinch

There’d be no wrongs, no! Not an inch!

For each would have their own safe place

Their private things, their tidy space

No boogers running down the nose

Each child would smell just like a rose.

We’d cook and play and read together

Run outside despite the weather

The TV power never on

Cause we’d do crafts while dad was gone.

Play dates, preschool, training wheels

Princess parties, happy squeals

Stay at home mom come and get me!

I’ll rule the world if you’ll let me!”

Then I married my prince charming

And found marriage could be alarming.

There were hogged covers and snores all night

Crazy war movies that gave me a fright

Battles to control the money

Feelings hurt when not called “honey”

And I got tired, fat and frumpy

Left a mess that made us grumpy

Violated personal space

Forgot to react with love and grace.

But as the time has passed us by

Many things have caught my eye,

Not only does my love wash dishes

Do the laundry and blow me kisses

But he cheers me on and gives me praise

Stops me when I start to graze

Makes the bed and helps with dinner

Earns us money, thinks I’m a winner

Makes me laugh and buys me treats

And tries to help me keep things neat.

And even though he doesn’t know

Where anything in our house goes

I know he loves me, every bit

And on our marriage, will NEVER quit!

And what about said “Motherhood”?

I’m not the best, but I’m still good.

My kids are loud and love to fight

But I still teach them to do what’s right.

They spend most days dressed in pajamas

Are sometimes rude to both their grandmas

Their noses run and I don’t wipe them

And they watch TV like it’s a rare gem.

But we still laugh and dance and play

Albeit, not every day...

And when they do bathe, it’s a party!

And what I feed them is mostly hardy

And when they cry, I wipe their tears

Brush off their knees, and chase their fears.

I love them both and they both know it

Cause every day I try to show it.

Not with ponies, or pink dresses

But by cleaning up their messes.

And not with presents or fancy food

But by teaching them to not be rude.

So nothing turned out how I thought

My fantasies were all for naught

But I lucked out and got something better

Relationships that will endure all weather!


  1. Okay, this totally made me cry. Such a great poem and so true how getting married and having kids turns your expectations upside down. Truth is there are MANY different variations of happy marriage and good Mom that don't always fit in the fairy tale books but are still beautiful, wonderful and good. You're an awesome Mommy Naomi and your kids are so so lucky to have you at home with them : )

  2. you are so creative! i love this poem.

  3. This is beautiful and so true! I love that you end on a high note, with what's really important. So glad you shared!