Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Friday: Community Clean Up

Today was another "Good Friday!" So, after a hearty breakfast and a quick switch from Pj's to play clothes, we were out the door to do some good!

I equipped Brooklyn with a pair of tongs and a reflective vest and put her on trash pickup duty.

Lily lucked out with bag duty, which eventually turned into "sit in the stroller and stare at Brooklyn duty...whilst the bag hangs on the stroller!"

We went to a field right next to our apartment and got to work cleaning up the rubbish!

The girls worked great together! (Again, that probably had something to do with Lily's attachment to the stroller... but still!)

And I think they even had moments of feeling warm fuzzies!

We found everything you could think of at the side of the field (but I only pointed out the seemingly safer pieces of garbage to Brooklyn.)

At the end of about 45 minutes of work, and after covering about 100 yards of space, we took our very full trash bag to the dumpsters and headed home to wash our hands and have a snack! (I love how Lily looks utterly wasted in this picture despite the VERY light amount of work she actually did.)

Later on, Brooklyn and I talked about our service and she expressed feelings of happiness and was noticeably pleased with herself, which in turn, pleased me!

And now for a fun update:

After last week's good deed for our maintenance guys, we had the misfortune of losing function of our air conditioning unit! It turned out to be a broken line inside the wall that had to be opened up and fixed, and then re-patched and painted! It was so hot that day, that the fire alarms in our house kept going off from the heat and humidity!

Well, as soon as the maintenance guys walked in the house and saw us they asked, "Hey! Are you the guys that brought us those cookies?" I told them we were and they started piling on the praise for the good grub and the adorable pictures that Brooklyn drew them. After that, they got to work super fast and did an amazing job, all the while telling us that they were going to take good care of us! They finished everything that day which NEVER happens when you're renting!

Anyway, its not often that you actually get to experience such an immediate reward for doing something nice, and I just thought it would be a fun story to share! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. This is so cute! Teya would be ALL about it since she already forces me to pick up random trash that we see thanks to her environmental indoctrination at her "Green" preschool : ) I'll have to try this with the girls, I seriously think they'd get a kick out of it!

  2. p.s. love the new quote the top of your blog!