Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Activity Calendar for April 2011

I just finished putting together our calendar for April and thought I would put it out for you all to see. Obviously, you won't be copying it day by day, but hopefully it will give you some good ideas when you are feeling a little stumped!

You should be able to click on the calendar to enlarge it and then click it one more time for easier viewing.

A few things you might notice are that a.) I put personal things on the calendar for my own purposes. I don't want to print several calendars each month so I just added things like birthdays, trips, and holidays, to this one. b.) I will be going on a vacation the latter part of the month that will continue on into May. What does that mean to you? Well, nothing really, except that you can expect a GIANT lag in posting around that time. And c.) The first weekend of the month is only labeled with the words "General Conference". If you want to learn more about what that is, just click HERE.

Anyway, best of luck in April! Play hard, craft hard, teach hard, and work that mommy magic! Oh yeah! and as always, if you see something on the calendar that you want to try but don't quite understand, just tell me about it in the comment section and I will do my best to clarify things for you.

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