Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guest Post: on Self Esteem by Rachel Murdock

On this beautiful sabbath day, I would like to focus a little more on the workings of our inner selves. As a mother, and a woman in general, I often find myself looking in the mirror to find fault in the image that I see. All too often women are overly hard on themselves and forget to see themselves as they should... as the beautiful daughters of God that they are.

Recently, my older sister Rachel wrote an article about her experiences with Anorexia, Cancer, and Self Esteem. It was published in a Brigham Young University newsletter put out by the Women's Services and Resources office. Today I want to share her article with you because I feel she really captures the feelings of so many in her writing, and at the same time, gives insight that we really don't hear enough.

You will find the article on page 3 of the newsletter, but there are other wonderful articles in there as well that you just might want to read. Enjoy!


  1. I didn't know your sister had cancer... what kind? What a great article... I really liked it!

    oh, and uh, why the heck was there a HUGE head shot of Alex Boye @ the end?? It doesn't even have any words with it!!

  2. Ha HA! You're funny Annalisa. The head shot DID have words on it. It was an add for a benefit concert against violence that Alex Boye was the main entertainment for. :)

  3. Wow Naomi, your sister sounds like a super awesome person! :)