Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little HELP Please...

Calling ALL Kitchen Dwellers!

I seem to be suffering from a MAJOR lack of lunchtime creativity as of late and was wondering if there is anyone out there who would be willing to help me spice up my afternoon routine.

Breakfast is always pretty easy for me because most breakfast foods are really just doughnuts in disguise, and there are so many recipes out there for great dinners that I do relatively OK in that department as well. But whenever lunchtime rolls around I can't seem to get off the Macaroni and Cheese Train! I mean, on occasion I'll throw in some Ramen Noodles with mixed veggies, or a good old-fashioned PB&J Sandwich, but other than that, my creativity is shot!

If you have any great lunchtime ideas that are either fast, kid friendly, super tasty, or inexpensive, PLEASE share them with me in the comments section of my blog! I always love getting comments, but especially when they give me great ideas! :)



  1. Hey Naomi!
    Here are some things that you kids liked and my day-care kids when you guys were little:
    1. Pigs in a blanket.(crescent roll with a hot dog rolled up inside. You can add a slice of cheese too.
    2. Tuna melt.( Tuna on toast with a slice of cheese melted on top)
    3. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.
    4. Fish sticks and tater tots and carrot sticks.
    5. Butter noodles with Broccoli.
    6. Bologna sandwiches with chips and celery with peanut butter and raisins on top.
    7. Tortilla pizza.(Flour tortilla with leftover spaghetti sauce, cheese and whatever topping the kids like.)
    Hope some of these ideas help. Hugs and loves!

  2. Thanks Mom! I remember loving all of those things when I was young... I don't know why I couldn't remember I ate those things before you said so though :) The other great thing is those all have ingredients that I usually have in stock!

  3. You can also do mini pizzas on English muffins, tuna (if your girls like it, my kids aren't fans) in a pita or something, hard-boiled eggs or egg salad sandwiches, quesadillas, plain cheese and butter on bread (unmelted), peanut butter and bananas, peanut butter and honey, pasta with butter and parmesan, leftovers from dinner, snack-type things for lunch (although Wes thinks it's not lunch unless there's a sandwich), etc. I just WISH my kids would eat all of those things!


  4. Naomi.. I have to hand it to you.. Great blog and I love reading everything and learning. Since food was brought up, I wish I had ideas to provide. Unfortunately I have the hardest time getting my 2yr old to eat. Dinner time is the hardest and I am at a lost this moment. She refuses to eat anything or even at this point sit at the table. If you have any ideas or suggestions and somehow discuss that on this blog, I would read it and appreciate any advise you may have from yourself, family or friends. I am at this point nervous for Jenna my 2nd that she will turn into her sister which in turn give me 2 kids who don't eat. I have tried everything or at least think I have on Sydney with no result. She won't even try anything new even sweets.