Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naomi's Top 10: Reasons I Run!

1. I like to eat... a LOT! And running helps me to regulate my weight.

2. There are a lot of hereditary diseases in my family and I want to improve my chances of staying healthy.

3. I love to play with my girls and want to continue having enough energy for them. Plus, I want to be a good example to them by living a healthy lifestyle.

4. Running gives me a common interest with my husband and has helped us to bond and become better friends.

5. Running is the only time my mind is free to wander and relax. It is my moment of calm.

6. Because of running, I belong to an automatic network of friends.

7. Running challenges me to push harder and be better. It is the thing that taught me how to be consistent and convinced me that I can do hard things.

8. Running has taken me to places I thought I would never be and has given me the chance to see the world from a different angle.

9. Running was my nemesis for so long that when I finally got off my butt and started to whoop up on it, I got addicted to winning (by beating the urge to stay on my butt, not by winning the actual race...that's not gonna happen in this lifetime!)

10. For the price of a good pair of shoes, I am guaranteed hours of fun and relaxation, moments of reflection and peace, good health, good friends, and good times!

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  1. Ditto! The best part is that your kids will always ask if you won. The fact that they think that's even a possibility is just so sweet.