Wednesday, March 2, 2011

English: Library Day!

I absolutely LOVE taking my girls to the Library. Its a fun place for children and adults alike, and it helps to instill a love for books and reading in your kids!

Anyway, if you are anything like me, you sometimes realize that you haven't even opened some of the books you checked out by the time they are due. If this is the case, simply hand them out as car seat treats while you are on your way to the library, or, if you get the chance, sit in the parking lot a few extra minutes and read with your kids before you go in to exchange your books for new ones.

Today was one of those days, and since circumstances worked out (we only have one car and I have to drop my husband off at work at 8am but the library doesn't open until 9:30 and its to far to go home in between...) the three of us all got a chance to read for about a half hour before we went inside.

Once inside, I let the girls get their wiggles out with the toys while I browsed for good books. I did let them each pick one on their own before sending them off to play though. I've found that if I try to let them pick all their books, the Library starts to get REALLY messy!

When we finally got home, I put Lily down for a nap and then set Brooklyn up in our reading corner to browse her books on her own. (Mommy and Daddy will read them to her before bedtime.) My favorite part of the "after-library-reading-time" is that it gives me a chance to quietly sit at the computer and do all the things that I need to get done.

As a bonus for today: I picked up these cards from our library and will try to share them whenever I get the chance. This one is about helping your children WANT to read. Click it twice and it should be big enough to read. Enjoy!

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